Pecans Cracking & Shelling Production Line

Product Features:

  • Intelligent one-key operation mode, responsive-simplified easy to use
  • Auto craking & shelling in the module after sorting and grading
  • Dry cracking advanced, avoid mildew and deterioration caused by soaking in the water
  • Kernels and shells are didived into different exits
  • Large output of 100,000 pcs of pecans each hour

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The first pecans cracking & shelling production line in China was created by Hefei Zhongan, shells of raw materials pecans are harder than walnuts, therefore, there is a pecan cracker before entering into shelling machine. Our single cracker is able to work for 24,000 pecans each hour, it means when you use 2 crackers for feeding, the output will be amazingly doubled. 


Our Pecans production line is fully automatic, suitable for massive production and farewell to labor as it’s huge labor saving and much value added to pecans manufacturers.