Closed Pistachio Opening machine

Product Features:

Equipped with specialized electrical panel.

Very high efficiency and effectiveness.

Eliminate manpower to open pistachios.

opening pistachios in a completely hygienic way.

Low energy consumption and lower processing costs.

Open pistachios mixed and without the need to separate.


The line of closed pistachio opening machines is made of two main machines and three secondary machines as follows:

Pneumatic device: At first, when wet pistachios enter this machine, with the help of compressed air and creating a vacuum in an insulated chamber, a groove is created on the line where the pistachios are opened, and after this process, the pistachios enter the mechanical device and They open completely. This line has two elevators and one air compressor. The elevators transfer the moist closed pistachios to the pneumatic machine and the mechanical machine, and the air compressor device provides the need of the pneumatic device.