Walnuts Shelling Production Line

Product Features:

  • Automatic feeding system, suitable for mass production
  • 360° material scanning system, high precision industrial cameras
  • Multiple channels & discharges simultaneous with finer sorting
  • Intelligent one-key operation mode, responsive-simplified easy to use
  • Auto craking & shelling in the module after sorting and grading
  • Kernels and shells are didived into different exits
  • Large output of 2.5 tonnes each hour

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Zhongan created the first walnuts shelling production line in China, which the raw walnuts materials (any type) enter the production line, they will be sorted and graded, after that walnuts enter shelling module to separate kernels and shells. At the end of exits, there are walnut kernels (large, medium, small, crumbs) & shells respectively.

Our Walnuts production line is suitable for massive production of walnuts, it’s huge labor saving and much value added to walnuts manufacturers.