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The dryer is made of stainless steel; this includes the internal conveyor belt. Since there are no elastic or plastic parts exposed to heat, the equipment is very durable, reliable, and requires minimal long-term maintenance.

Being a continuous system, pistachios are spread evenly with a maximum pistachio height of 10cm; therefore, there is minimal weight / pressure on the pistachios. This design allows some of the half-open or even almost-closed pistachios to be opened more and this improves pistachio quality.

This version of equipment is designed with a double air fan and an improved convection system. Hence, Hot air is circulated very efficiently in a closed system with less electrical power consumption and fewer malfunctioning mechanical parts compared to systems that move heavy pistachios in multiple rows.

The equipment is covered and can used in outdoor environments.

The speed and temperature of the system can be changed and adjusted in order to optimize the process.